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We found common goals of improving research conditions while helping the planet in the process. Using media to reach everyone on campus, as well as the outreach help of the Eco-Olympics RSO, by sharing our passion for the environment and leading sustainable lives we were able to connect with research professionals equally as passionate, contributing to individuals intrinsic motivation. Combining this intrinsic motivation with the extrinsic benefit of awards, we proved connecting with the research community in a safe & meaningful way is successful for the environment, laboratory sustainability and a greener future, all while having fun in good spirited competition.

Participation in the International Freezer Challenge provided the platform and the metrics to determine the level of best practices each lab achieved and the results in our local competition. See highlights of achievements here​.

The International Freezer Challenge is a worldwide competition, going on from now through May 2020, that is focused on utilizing competition between laboratories in order to obtain lower energy usage. The objective of the challenge is to optimize sustainability of freezer management in laboratories, where individual labs work to implement optimal cold storage management in order to improve laboratory conservation. At the end of the competition, the most successful labs are rewarded through several categories, including academia, pharmaceutical and biotech, government, and clinical, hospital, private research, or other.

Due to our awesome participants, our team went on to win the competition in 2018 after saving 720 kWh/day from October 2017 through June 2018, awarding them 1st place and congratulating them as the best at at reducing energy required for laboratory cold storage internationally. Our team also won the 2019 competition.


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